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Pakistan Activities

Second Annual Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program

Applications are open for the Second Annual Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program in Dubai, a unique, fully-funded career development opportunity for accomplished, ambitious young people from South Asia, the Middle East and Africa who have already had to overcome significant barriers to higher education. 

Kabaadiwalas, Caste and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey just published their book, Waste of a Nation: Garbage and Growth in India, this month with Harvard University Press. The book examines national assets and obstacles for achieving a cleaner India. The authors argue that obstacles that appear unique to India are volume, density, and the caste system. The authors also discuss India’s assets, including old practices of frugality; recycling; global experience and science; and dynamic entrepreneurs, officials, NGOs, and citizens. In a written interview with SAI, the authors give insight into their book, research, and what India is doing to combat garbage growth.

Second Annual SAI Crossroads Program

Applications for the 2018 SAI Crossroads Program open on March 15! Last year, we welcomed 50 first-generation college students from South Asia, Africa and the Middle East to Dubai for a fully-funded career development opportunity with Harvard faculty.