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India Research Center, Harvard Business School

India Research Center, Harvard Business School 


Mumbai, India

The India Research Center in Mumbai (IRC), which opened in 2006, is an arm of Harvard’s Business School, and plays an important role in helping HBS develop and strengthen relationships with Indian and South Asian business and academic leaders. The IRC enables Harvard Business School faculty to study more effectively one of the world’s most important economic regions during a time of significant transformation. To date there are over 196 cases on South Asia and the IRC has cooperated with over 72 HBS faculty members on 162 research and course development projects (case studies, research notes, books and articles). Research topics range from digital marketing, challenges and innovations in the healthcare sector, entrepreneurship, education technology, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and ethics, urbanization and sustainability, public private partnerships to capital markets, and investor activism.

The IRC’s research mission is twofold: to cooperate closely with professors at HBS in their research and course development (by writing case studies), and to work with companies in India and South Asia to identify case studies that present significant learning opportunities. The work of the IRC is 100% pedagogical, there is no PR benefit to the companies. Currently, the Center is working on approximately 28 cases and projects in 4 countries; examples include an education technology company, an ecommerce company, apparel manufacturer, a digital payments system, an FMCG company and a luxury hotel.


You have some professional experience, preferably international, and are curious to conduct research on business and management issues in India. You have excellent English writing skills and you can synthesize and think analytically. You will be part of a small highly integrated India research team and hence must demonstrate flexibility, strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and professionalism.


Interns may assist in some or all aspects of the work at IRC. Depending on what is going on when the interns arrive, students will participate in case writing and analytical work, desk research (e.g. company/industry/country micro and macroeconomic background research based on public data), helping pitch ideas in the discovery/ development phase, and more. This is an amazing opportunity for undergraduate students to delve into fascinating management issues.




Students applying for this internship will apply directly to South Asia Institute through CARAT. Applicants do not need a letter of confirmation in their SAI Grant Application. The internship contact is Elise Yagoda,  Applicants will be contacted for an interview with Namrata Aurora.