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Cancer Patients Aid Association

Cancer Patients Aid Association

Breast Cancer Advocacy Intern, Diagnostics Intern, Tobacco Control and Cessation Intern, Rehabilitation Centre Intern
Mumbai, India

CPAA was started in 1969 mainly to provide financial assistance to needy cancer patients. Over the last thirty years the organization has expanded its mission to address the root cause of the exponential increase in cancer cases in India, namely that of lack of knowledge and information. CPAA does not treat cancer but complements the work being done by medical practitioners and hospitals, concentrating on education and awareness, early detection, insurance, support to treatment, guidance and counseling and rehabilitation or “Total Management of Cancer”. This includes:

  • Spreading awareness on the dangers inherent in accepted social practices such as chewing of tobacco, early marriage and multiple pregnancies, which are responsible for approximately 70% of cancers in India.
  • Initiating steps for the early detection of cancer since treatment at this stage leads to a cure in a majority of cases.
  • Providing complete assistance to cancer patients beyond that given by the medical profession that is, taking a holistic approach not attacking the malignancy in isolation.


This opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Breast Cancer Advocacy Intern

Public health background preferred

  • Support an ongoing Breast Cancer Advocacy programme
  • Develop a strategy to maximise implementation of existing government initiatives

Diagnostics Intern 

Some understanding of epidemiology, statistics, public health preferred

  • Support CPAA’s early detection program and determine feedback on effectiveness of the program
  • Study available demographic data from screening from 1987 for close to 250,000 persons to understand trends

Tobacco Control and Cessation Intern 

Public health background preferred

  • Support CPAA’s Tobacco Control and Cessation program and determine understanding of how to motivate young adults on anti-smoking issues
  • Develop a campaign to motivate college going children to quit smoking or not to start

Rehabilitation Centre Intern 

– art, design and exposure to internet marketing background preferred

  • Develop a catalogue of Rehabilitation Centre products with the view to marketing and sale on the internet
  • Raise awareness about CPAA’s Rehab department and promote sale to a wider audience


CPAA will cover cost of stay for the interns at a nearby YMCA and further scholarship of Rs. 5000/- per month will be provided.


Please send resume and cover letter to Shubha Maudgal, PhD Executive Director, CPAA

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