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Candlelight_vigil_in_London_for_the_victims_of_the_Peshawar_school_siege.Conference on Mental Health and Disaster Response in Pakistan

Cosponsored by The Aman Foundation, Pakistan and Harvard University South Asia Institute

December 16-18, 2015
Karachi, Pakistan

Keynote address: Coping in the Wake of Disasters: Long term Effects of Traumatic “Life-Changing” Situations

A Public Lecture

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sharmeen Khan, Clinical Psychologist

Disasters, whether natural or manmade, profoundly influence lives. Through a chain of catastrophic sequences, they damage the built environment, cause death and injury, overwhelm psychological coping and can devastate communities. They are often events difficult to predict, prevent and control. It is this very nature of disasters that requires communities to organize themselves in advance in extremely challenging circumstances to prepare for timely and effective disaster and post-disaster relief work.

Sharmeen Khan is a Karachi-based mental health professional and a human rights activist. She has successfully run various campaigns to provide relief at several disasters from the earthquake of 2005 to the earthquake of 2015, as well as other natural and manmade disasters both in Pakistan and abroad. She spearheaded the Naya Jeevan initiative of providing psychological help to survivors of the Army Public School, Peshawar attack. Sharmeen is currently working towards completing a PhD in Disaster Psychology at the University of Karachi.

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This event will be followed by an invitation-only roundtable discussion from the 17th-18th of December 2015 with key stakeholders in mental health and disaster management in Pakistan. If you are interested in participating in this discussion, please send an email with a 250 word bio about yourself to:


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Mental Health and Disaster Management Panel

SAI Symposium, April 17, 2015
According to panelists who presented at the workshop, there is a need for global actors to work with communities to create local solutions to post-disaster mental health initiatives.