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Student Organization Grants

The Asia‐related centers at Harvard University offer grants to undergraduate and graduate student organizations for projects relating to individual countries or spanning multiple countries in Asia. These grants are offered on an ongoing basis; however, organizations are encouraged to apply as early as possible as funds are limited. Student groups are invited to apply to SAI for funding once per term.

Please submit a detailed PROJECT SUMMARY and the included BUDGET ATTACHMENT along with this form.

This form is used collectively by the five Asia‐related centers and should be submitted to Jorge Espada at jespada@fas or CGIS South S118A. When applying for a South Asia specific grant, please copy Nora Maginn, maginn@fas.


Requesting Space in CGIS

SAI affiliated student groups should email SAI to request space to hold events in CGIS. Requests for spaces should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event.