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  • Applications must include at least one current Harvard student at the time of submission, which can include undergraduates, graduates, postdoctoral fellows or clinical fellows, who will spend a period of time in India or Pakistan to test their proposed idea.
  • Teams should have a Harvard faculty mentor to provide feedback, input and mentorship.
  • Projects in the early ‘seed’ stages are prioritized rather than start ups that, while may be in stages of infancy, have previously received substantial support.
  • While a local partner in India or Pakistan may not always be available at the seed stage, such a partnership is highly encouraged.
  • The proposed enterprise can be a nonprofit, advocacy, or a for profit venture.
  • Everyone listed as a team member must have a pivotal roles

Please have a designated Harvard affiliated team member apply online by 11:59 pm EST of the deadline date. For questions about the application process, please email Diana Nguyen,

Application Checklist


Current Resume/CV 
Please include a resume for every team member

Endorsement from Faculty: A Harvard faculty member must submit an endorsement letter to The endorsement letter confirms that the team has communicated with a Harvard faculty member about the viability of its idea and received feedback.

Budget: Your budget will provide an explanation of the expenses the Seed for Change fund will cover. The grant may be used to cover the following costs: translators, surveyors, transportation, housing, fees associated with visas and other bureaucratic systems, marketing, equipment, and safety measures. The grant should not be used to cover the hiring of a part time or full time employee.

Narrative:  The narrative must answer the questions, have the following sections, and include sources indicated in the application checklist within the 7 page limit.


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Interest Form


February 15
Deadline to apply

Early March 
A review panel will determine which applications will pitch their idea.

Late March
Pitch Presentation

April to May
Finalists work on developing their projects.

Early May 2016
Grand prize will be announced at Seed for Change Showcase

May 2017 to May 2018
Teams will implement their project and submit updates outlined in the agreement every 4 months.