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Research Grants

Research grants are awarded to students pursuing field research on specific topics that could contribute to a thesis or dissertation or if the applicant has done preliminary work on the topic. Individual independent research will be considered if the above requirements are fulfilled. LMSAI grants must be used within the next academic year. Summer research should be a minimum 8 weeks. Winter Session research should be a minimum of 3 weeks.


“While both of us have worked in India before, this was also the first time we had run our own survey. We became very aware of all of the things, small and large, that can go wrong when doing fieldwork. The grant from LMSAI gave us the opportunity to run a small pilot survey that gave us the experience we needed so that our future surveys are run more smoothly.”

Heather Sarsons, PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, GSAS; Dowry Payments and Female Welfare in India


Winter Session: October 15, 2018
Winter Session Grant Recipient Notification: Mid-November 2018.

Summer 2016: February 15, 2018
Summer Grant Recipient Notification: Mid-March 2018

Undergraduate Research Grant Application:

All application materials should be uploaded and submitted via CARAT

  • Completed CARAT South Asia Institute Undergraduate Research Grant
  • 750 word proposal detailing your rationale for pursuing this project
  • Current one-page resume
  • Current transcript (unofficial is okay)
  • One-page bibliography including annotations (disregard for language study)
  • Two letters of recommendation (Your recommenders may upload their letter directly to the CARAT system or email them to

Graduate Research Grant Application:

All application materials should be uploaded and submitted via CARAT 

  • Completed CARAT South Asia Institute Graduate Research Grant
  • 750-word proposal outlining your project
  • One-page bibliography including annotations on your research topic (disregard for language study)
  • A current resume/CV
  • Current transcript (an unofficial printout is okay)
  • Two letters of recommendation (uploaded to the CARAT system or your recommender can email them directly to
Ishani Desai's MPA/ID second focus group discussion about menstrual practices and sanitary pad adoption in Gujarat
Ishani Desai’s second focus group discussion about menstruation in Gujarat.