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The Harvard South Asia Institute (SAI) Partition’s Oral Stories Project Looking Back, Informing the Future is an initiative to create an archive of accessible stories, and provide sets of ongoing analyses of 1947 cleaving British India into India and Pakistan.

The project hopes to contribute to the scholarship around the events that led to the largest involuntary migration in recent history. In addition, it will inform scholarship about, and policies related to, other such societal schisms, subsequent to that time, and those occurring today.

Goals of the Project:

  • Preserve and enrich the historical knowledge of Partition in crowd proportions,
  • Analyze the past and prevailing rhetoric surrounding the Partition,
  • Provide free access to the stories through an online SAI Partition portal.

Share Your Story:

The project seeks to collect accounts of the Partition. If you, or someone you know, lived through the Partition and would be willing to speak with us about it we would be very grateful to hear what happened.

Find out more information on how to share your story with researchers by emailing Shubhangi Bhadada, Research Fellow:

We recognize the many significant scholars and community based efforts that have contributed to the understanding of this historic event. As we approach the 70th anniversary of independence and the event that sparked large movements and dislocations across South Asia, the importance of preserving the remaining accounts of the event becomes increasingly significant. It is important for us to come together to collectively add to the existing knowledge about the Partition.