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Pakistan Activities

SW 47: Entrepreneurship Across the Developing World

Think like a SCIENTIST Think like a PLANNER Think like an ARTIST Explore CHALLENGES, Design SOLUTIONS SW47: Contemporary Developing Countries: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Social and Economic Problems in the Developing World M/W 3:30–5:00 PM Sever Hall 113   Offered jointly with HBS (1266); GSE (A-819); HLS (2543); HKS (DEV-338); HSPH (GHP 568); HMS (IND 520); GSD (SES 5375).   Co-taught:…

ANTHRO 1661/HSEMR-LE 75: (Mis)Understanding Islam Today

ANTHRO 1661 / HSEMR-LE 75 Fall 201​7​ Course Instructor: Bilal Malik This interdisciplinary course, with ​Q-scores of 4.6 and ​4.8, explores key controversies – suicide bombings, Islamism, Muslim minorities, gender, blasphemy – to understand Muslim cultures & societies, and as a tool for self-reflection. First meeting: Wed 30​ Aug, 4-6pm (note: ​final course-time will be set according to enrolled students’…

Partition: The SAI Podcast

Partition is one of the defining events of the modern era and on its 70th anniversary, leading scholars explore and analyze its continuing impact in our special series of podcasts.