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History Project, Lahore, Pakistan

History Project

Content Writer / Researcher
Lahore, Pakistan

The underlying problem that The History Project is trying to solve is that of biased textbook history systematically breeding intolerance in young minds that are going to be shaping our future. It’s important for our future generations to learn about their past but the subject matter and method of instruction of history have both been constrained by biased textbooks replete with hate content, that has systematically increased over the years despite government resolutions to the contrary.

There is a massive gap in what academics are writing and what students in their formative years are consuming. Furthermore, teachers are used to methods of instruction that perpetuate intolerance and curb critical thinking. A large part of the population doesn’t make it to universities to be able to understand the problem and the ones that do, their ideologies have already been shaped in their formative years.

The History Project’s mission is to fight intolerance by building educational experiences that teach young minds the art of critically analysing multiple versions of history to form objective historical opinion about their past and identity. This is done by creating materials that teach empathy and critical thinking to students in their formative years by juxtaposing contrasting national textbook history narratives and by taking students through the THP journey through its specially devised curriculum.



  • Graduate and Undergraduate students are welcome to apply
  • Has relevant writing experience


  • Researching relevant textbook history content
  • Content curation
  • Enrichment Programs. This can include developing and delivering enrichment activities, like women’s empowerment, presentation skills, team building, arts & crafts, music, world culture, etc. — all dependent on the volunteer’s expertise and interest. Interns are able to develop their own materials and curriculum and lead engaging after-school activities.


Language training, cultural excursions, assistance in finding housing


Send Resume/CV and Cover Letter to Qasim Aslam, and Ms. Sidra Zia, Skype interviews will be conducted with qualified applicants.


Tags: Education, Community Development