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Children's Art Museum of Nepal

Children’s Art Museum of Nepal 

Art and Education Associate
Kathmandu, Nepal

Children’s Art Museum of Nepal (CAM Nepal) is Nepal’s first Art Museum for children. CAM Nepal is a safe and creative space that provides children and youth with creative and educational outlets for expressing themselves. CAM offers regular project based activities where children explore and learn about science, culture, the arts, literacy, health, the environment and more through unique art mediums to express themselves.

We have worked with international artists and locally worked with organizations like UNICEF, UNHCR and Kathmandu University. Internationally, we have collaborated with the Google Cultural Institute, Rubin Art Museum, and Art Refuge UK

Last summer, CAM celebrated it’s 3rd Anniversary featuring the works of our summer interns and the children we work with. We are sure to excite all ages at our unique creative space with our larger than life mural and our giant floating goldfish!

An internship at CAM Nepal is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves while also creating a positive impact on the world. Students will be learning skills on how to fosters creativity in children, while also navigating the unique language and cultural scene that comes with working in a foreign country. Students will learn how to carry out workshops successfully and understand how to work with partner organizations and think through logistics. Our internship program allows studnts to become more effective leaders by learning how to delegate tasks when in need of support. Most importantly, through careful documentation and reports throughout the process, students will create effective workshops that can be replicated even after the internship has ended, ensuring that their hard work has a legacy.  By the end of the program students will have experienced personal growth and a body of work that they can always be proud of.


This opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students must be interested in one or more of the following: non-profit organizations, South Asia, Developing Countries, Art and Education. In addition, students should have experience working with children ages 5-15, be a team player, be open minded to various cultures and practices, and have a strong work ethic.


During your internship you will:

  • Work closely with a mentor from CAM Nepal
  • Work with other community organisations that partner with CAM Nepal
  • Conduct scheduled workshops with children with other interns and individually
  • Build relationships with CAM Nepal’s community partners; non-profits, schools, teachers and parents
  • Visit different types of schools and learn about the education system of Nepal
  • Design and lead your own workshops
  • Take basic language classes in Nepali
  • Learn and follow the ethos of CAM Nepal
  • Take ownership in learning about art and education in Nepal through experience


CAM Nepal with assist interns with finding housing and arranging transportation. It is also able to offer interns meals, language training, and cultural excursions.


Please send a resume and cover letter to Sneha Shrestha at and

Tags: Education, Arts