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Recent News

SAI hosts knowledge exchange workshop on neuroscience

On January 7, SAI, in partnership with the Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB), hosted a Knowledge Exchange Platform on neuroscience for students in Bangalore to interact with different players in the science ecosystem. The students were part of the Boston Bangalore Biosciences Beginning (B4) Young Scientist Development Course on neuroscience, a 2-week immersion course run by SAI and…

Meet our B4 Fellows

As part of SAI's Boston Bangalore Biosciences Beginnings (B4) Program, five postdoctoral fellows from India will spend a year working at a variety of science labs across Harvard. The fellows have range of specialties, from plant physiology, computational biology, evolutionary cell biology, to molecular genetics.

Reversing Brain Drain: City has Best Critical Mass of Neuroscientists

Harvard professor Venkatesh N. Murthy , one of the foremost neuroscientists in the world, was amazed by the state of-the-art laboratory at Bengaluru's National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS). The place seemed better than his own lab at Harvard. "Bengaluru has the best critical mass of neuroscientists in India," he said.

Engineers Can Look Beyond Pure Engineering

Most of what software engineers do today, such as coding, will be automated, but the likelihood of engineers becoming redundant is far from remote possibility. There are many untapped avenues that engineering students can get into, like Neuroscience. To help students explore their options, a knowledge exchange platform was organised for students to connect with government representatives, industry executives, and scientists.

Q+A with Venki Murthy: The excitement of neuroscience

Venkatesh Murthy is Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology and the the co-director of SAI’s Boston Bangalore Biosciences Beginnings Program. He was recently interviewed about his work and how he became interested in neuroscience by Current Biology. Click here to read the interview.

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